gold_flamingo (gold_flamingo) wrote,

Not Dead Yet

If anyone is still reading this, hi.  It's been a while, I know, and I offer no guarantees that this blog is not still slinking slowly into the night.  But I thought, upon the eve of another move and another road trip, I'd send a few lines bobbing off onto the interwebian sea.  Mr. B and I have spent the last few seasons in a little house in the mountains, keeping mainly to ourselves, without many happenings of note besides the comings and goings of the local turkeys and deer and newts and so forth.  I finished several drafts of a novel, and am now contemplating what to write next.  Mr. B taught me to bake bread and watched a bunch of DVDs with me, though this has not notably diminished his near-daily shock and horror at the myriad films I have still not seen, or in some cases heard of.  And now we're in LA again for a few days visiting friends, family, and taquerias (and in my case getting a much-needed haircut), before heading to New Orleans to look for apartments, as Mr. B will be working at Tulane next year. 

I'm trying to think of what other news I should report, and coming up a bit blank.  For others, life continued apace - my niece is a year old now, and cute_anarchy 's getting married in July.  But for me it's been a kind of slow, inward-focused year, a sabbatical from the larger world, in which the weeks blurred together, differentiated by little but the procession of books on my bedside table and number of allergy medications I happened to be taking.  And now it's time I suppose to dig out some less scruffy clothes and update my resume and try to remember how to interact with strangers.  But maybe not until tomorrow.
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