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After half a year of mixed feelings, it took all of about two days to get used to unemployment. Now it’s been a month spent moving and another month driving – the longest trip across the country I’ve made, both in terms of distance and time. Here’s the abbreviated version:

New York: so many kinds of deliciousness that I’m allergic to
New Jersey: the good news is it doesn’t take that long to drive through
Delaware: easy to miss, if it weren’t for all the tolls
Maryland: ah, the strip malls of yore
District of Columbia: good bookstore in Georgetown, and look, it’s another motorcade
Virginia: jealous of my friends’ proximity to one another, and also to the yummy Vietnamese at the Eden Center
North Carolina: kind of like a real place, as long as you don’t leave the Chapel Hill area
West Virginia: turns out you can’t actually get lunch (or anything else) in Charleston
Ohio: all the fat, half the flavor (except at Graeter’s)
Indiana: Bloomington – it’s like a real college town, but more Midwestern
Illinois: all the ugly, twice the traffic
Wisconsin: land of cheese
Minnesota: it’s like a giant cult of niceness and overeating
South Dakota: lovely landscapes, pity about the people
Wyoming: they’ve got nothing, but they sure do have a lot of it
Montana: a good dinner in Bozeman, then a hundred miles of smoke and mountains
Idaho: a lunch stop with some scenery
(eastern) Washington: flatter than you thought
Oregon: Powells! Also, is it raining again or is that just baby spit on my sweatshirt?
California: trees so tall they make your head spin and scrumptious pastries at the Brio Café in Arcata

It was, all in all, a good trip, full of impressive scenery and congenial company. Thanks to all the friends who shared their homes or just a meal with us, Teddy Roosevelt for some awesome national parks, and the independent bookstore proprietors of America, without whom we would have arrived with much lighter bags. Still, I have to say I’m happy not to be driving further than the grocery store for a while.

Also, my photos are now up at Flickr:


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