gold_flamingo (gold_flamingo) wrote,

checking in

Briefly, my mom came home from the hospital today, mostly recovered, though still without a good explanation for what made her deathly ill in the first place.  This means, among other things, that I should start existing a bit more again, online and otherwise.  For the time being, as I lack the energy to say anything meaningful, there's a new journal format, because there's a limit to how long a girl who doesn't like pink can deal with having a pink blog, even in the interests of being literal, and apparently that limit is about four years.  Also, anyone who's been seeing ads here recently should stop having that problem, and I would like to say for the record that while I do not appreciate LJ selling me out, their evil plan was in fact successful, because I am too lazy to migrate.

In other inconsequential news, it turns out I have an extra week of vacation time that I didn't know about because my company's intranet HR system is chronically wrong.  Anyone know of a fun place to go around Christmas?

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