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things that are meant to be good for you

Yesterday I went to krav maga for the first time in, well, years.  I figured I ought to get in shape for the Thanksgiving family backpacking trip/death march, and also I missed hitting things, and exercise is supposed to be healthy and whatnot.  Today the only commonly used muscles that don't hurt are the ones in my fingers and toes.  I am reminded of my old tae kwon do master who would say, "Pain is just weakness leaving the body."  I clearly have a lot of weakness to work through.

Yesterday I also went to quite a good play with my dad - a production of "Mrs. Warren's Profession" at a tiny theater in the Valley.  In an age where the Andrew Lloyd Webberism of the stage struggles desperately to bring the "magic of the movies" to every musical on Broadway, it's refreshing to be reminded of a different kind of magic, wherein a few actors in a small room turn eighty square feet of floorspace into a window to another life with nothing but their words and the looks on their faces.  Only when the illusion is transparent can one fully enjoy the suspension of disbelief.  The point of stories is not and has never been that they are realistic.  Their truth has nothing whatsoever to do with factuality.  The point of a story is that through falsehood and secondhand subjectivity it shows us something about some little corner of human experience that we did not see before.  Too often showmanship is confused with storytelling, and then at the end of the day all you've really got is a giant crashing chandelier.

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