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times when unconventional approaches to organization pay off

Had a somewhat unpleasant surprise recently when I got an email from United Airlines telling me that the frequent flyer miles I'd been hoarding for years had all been taken away due to account inactivity (thanks for always wanting to fly American, Mom).  I felt shocked and betrayed, and also somewhat puzzled, for surely I had gone somewhere on United in the last eighteen months.  Naturally I began to cross-reference my recent travel with my mental list of Star Alliance member airlines, and eventually a light came on - that Swiss Air flight from Nuremberg to Zurich last December.  So of course I hopped over to the United website to request retroactive miles, only to be briefly stymied by the request for my seat number on the flight.  Fortunately, being me, I not only kept my boarding pass, but still had it sitting on the shelf next to my bed, beside a stack of maps of obscure towns along the Danube, which will be very useful should I ever get around to tagging my photos properly.  Now all I have to do is argue with United Airlines until they give me my miles back.  All 65,000 of them.

Anyone want to go on a backpacking trip for Thanksgiving?

In other news, I was forced to acquire a new bookcase for my room in order to store my books someplace other than bags on the floor.  Now I have almost two whole empty shelves left over to fill up (I wonder how long that'll take).  Then I immediately had to rearrange the furniture and art to make wall space for the picture I bought on Saturday - speaking of, if there are any geeks in LA reading this who aren't already aware of it, the Dave McKean show is still open until Aug. 16 and well worth a visit. 

Other than that, I've been watching a lot of silly movies and feeling abnormally tired.  I came disturbingly close to falling asleep on my feet in Costco yesterday evening.  Possibly going to bed early would be a rational response to this, but I view that as capitulation and prefer my current strategy of drinking a lot of coffee and being generally useless.  My aspirations for the rest of the week include getting some writing done and hitting things.  Wish me luck.

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