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One of the great pleasures of our extended primary season is getting to watch various surrogates and supporters of Senators Clinton and Obama twist logic like a balloon animal in an attempt to further their leaders’ ends.  This week’s entry into the doublethink hall of fame comes in the form of a letter to Nancy Pelosi from 21 very rich Clinton donors, taking the Speaker to task for having suggested that superdelegates shouldn’t overturn the will of the voters.  The really brilliant part is this:

“As Democrats, we have been heartened by the overwhelming response that our fellow Democrats have shown for our party’s candidates during this primary season. Each caucus and each primary has seen a record turnout of voters. But this dynamic primary season is not at an end. Several states and millions of Democratic voters have not yet had a chance to cast their votes.

“We respect those voters and believe that they, like the voters in the states that have already participated, have a right to be heard. None of us should make declarative statements that diminish the importance of their voices and their votes. We are writing to say we believe your remarks on ABC News This Week on March 16th did just that.”

Because it diminishes the importance of the voices of voters in states yet to vote to argue that superdelegates shouldn’t completely negate the importance of the voices of all the voters in all the states.  Seriously.  This was said in a letter demanding that Rep. Pelosi publicly state that superdelegates should feel totally free to elect a nominee who won neither the majority of votes nor the majority of pledged delegates.  The mind boggles.  There have been a huge number of accusations about disenfranchisement recently, but when you actually look at the arguments, what these people mainly seem to feel disenfranchised by is losing.  In my opinion, they might want to take that gripe to their candidate, who’s been doing a pretty spectacular job of “disenfranchising” herself despite having gone into this contest with just about every advantage you could shake a dangling chad at.

And this supposedly-populist missive also states that these civic-minded individuals “hope you will be responsive to some of your major enthusiastic supporters,” alluding not so subtly to the fact that the signatories have collectively made over $23 million of contributions since 1999.  Because your political opinion should matter a million times more if you pay a million dollars for it.  God bless America.


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